Best Minecraft tips and tricks for survival

Your first few days are crucial

 Right from the beginning, start by constructing a shelter from whatever materials are around you, be they wood from trees or at least dirt/sand blocks if there are no trees present. 

Due to this, it's always wise to keep torches available and place them often. This will keep Minecraft's hostile mobs at bay to a significant degree and ensure that you don't take a bad step

Keep extra torche

Keep extra torche

Seek Safety in Mushroom Biome

Brown and red mushrooms can be used to create mushroom stew, and players can even milk the roaming Mushrooms, which also provide both milk and mushroom stew,

You can always have more storage

 Easily create chests through the use of wooden plank blocks. By creating doubly chests, it's possible to vastly expand the available space and keep a large collection of items

Automation is incredibly helpful

Players can create automatic farms from as little as one block of space, but they save time otherwise spent by the player manually farming their crops or items.

Beware the Nether

The Nether is a necessary location to visit to finish Minecraft's story, but it's best not to rush into it if you're a newcomer.