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7 Instagram Filters You Must Use If You Are Into Photography

1. Clarendon

This filter can make your picture contrast by adding details on the lighter and darker areas in the details.

2. Juno:

2. Juno:

This Instagram filter will offer a slightly warmer tone by adding more primary colours including reds and yellows. 

3. Ludwig:

this Instagram filter lets you focus more on the blacks and whites by reducing the yellows, greens, cyans, blues, and magentas

4. Lark

This is the one for you. Be it a low light picture or a high exposure picture, opting for this filter and adjusting it via scale will let you come up with a beautiful picture. 

5. Gingham:

The filter adds more of a vintage vibe to the picture making it a de-saturated and classic picture. It also reduces the extreme whites in the picture 

6. Lo-fi

Yet another Instagram filter that will help you enhance your urban-centric photographs. After using this filter, the images become more aesthetically pleasing 

7. X-Pro II

The filters add a strong vignette and make the shadows dramatically visible making the picture look chemically produced. This filter can enhance the pictures captured in events.