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Loki Season 2 Release Date Marvel Studios ‘Loki Season 2 Release Date arrives on Disney+ in the Summer of 2023. Marvel fans rejoice! The long-awaited second season of Loki is coming to Disney+ in the summer of 2023. Watch Tom Hiddleston return to his iconic role as the God of Mischief and mayhem ensues. Don’t miss it! Loki Season 2 Release Date.

Alright, so Loki Season 2 is going to play a huge role as the glue in this upcoming multiversal. Kang Dynasty, coming off the heels of Ant-man and the Wasp Quantumania, but aside from a.few casting announcements, and only our imagination, we know virtually nothing about the international man of mischief’s second season.Loki Season 2 Release Date

Luckily some brave fans from D23 and various cons have risked being sniped by ole’ Kevin. himself, and leaked a trailer that gives fans of Loki even more reason to ship Loki and Mobius or rather Lokius in this upcoming Season 2. So in this video, I want to go over all.


of the new leaks, behind-the-scenes pictures, news scoops, and even some crazy theories as to what Season 2 of Loki will have in store for us.
But yeah, thank you for clicking this article, now let’s get into some leaks for Loki Season 2. Now if you remember at the end of Season 1, Loki appears to have been transported to an entirely different version of the TVA. HereMobius and Hunter B-15 do not remember Loki
at all, with him soon finding out Kang or “He who remains” has conquered this timeline. and is in control of the TVA, hence the giant statue of my man. However what we see in this.

the trailer that Paul’s uncle who works at Marvel showed to us, yeah good guy, really works
at Marvel. Is it a bit misleading actually? Also, we did a full breakdown for this leaked trailer. a couple of weeks ago, you can click it up top right now, but these leaks help us understand. a bit more.

Loki Episode 5

So shoutout to Daniel RPK for dropping several of these leaks on his Patreon, but the trailer. paints Loki as this man out of time, and sortateleports to different places, as if someone is either fast forward or rewinding him in time with a temp pad. However, this isn’t the.

work of a temp pad or Kang, but rather he’s stuck in a cycle of going to the future, past, and present because of Sylvie pruning him out of time.                And it is revealed the reason. that Mobius and B-15 don’t recognize him, is because this is before he ever showed up to the TVA. So instead of this being a completely different multiversal version of the TVA, Loki Season 2 Release Date

the one where Kang ruled, it’s the same one we saw in Season 1, only set years and years before. Yeah, it’s a bit strange like Loki says in the trailer. But at the beginning of the TVA, Kang decided to be front and center. He was a public figure, but once he learned of the dealings his variants were up to, he stepped down as this public image and erased all of the minds of the TVA members, so therefore there is no knowledge of his presence.

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Loki Season 2 Release Date

Instead of creating the idea of the 3-time keepers, a wizard of oz approach to hide who was actually behind everything, and hiding from his variants. This is why there is a statue of Kang at the end of season 1, because this is actually the past, and later in most of Loki Season 1, the timekeepers are the ones to be feared because the TVA knows nothing of Kang. But with Loki shifting time eras so much, it’s an awful game of telephone, trying to fill in the past and present, even the future, with the missing information each group needs. This further explains the shot from the trailer

of Loki using a time stick on the wall featuring the timekeepers, only to reveal the engravings of Kang hidden beneath. This shot is the present timeline from Loki season 1 because we can also see a severed timekeeper’s head on the table as Loki makes this reveal.

Loki season 2 

Good on you Fiege, trying to throw us off the scent, but this “reveal” of it all being the same universe is discovered like in episode 1, which feels like a less satisfying cliffhanger for Season 1 to have ended on.Still cool that Loki is trapped out of time, which has got to be one hell of a headache. Now in order to stop this time jumping, noooooLoki doesn’t watch the hit 2002 time-stopping movie, Clockstoppers for help, instead Mobiustakes him to visit Ke Huy Quan’s (Key Hue Quan)

Loki Season 2 Release Date

Character of Ouroboros (uroboros). Just call him Time Timmy or something? Anyway, this is an original character created for the series but also goes by the nickname of B-O. He is described as a TVA archivist, like the Q of the TVA. You know Q from the.

Bond franchise, in charge of research and technology, new gadgets for Bond to use and break in the field. So BO holds this position at the TVA and helps develop a device for Loki, that prevents the time jumps flat out, or rather controls them, so he can return back to the present. A personalized time door for Loki if you will. It’s cool we’ll see Quan in another multiversal weird property after everything everywhere all at once, hopefully, he’s featured a decent amount.

Now the main plot of season 2 might be less intriguing than you had hoped. Kang unfortunately is not supposed to be the main villain, instead taking a secondary role, more background,

Loki Season Finale Explained
Loki Season 2 Release Date
Loki Season 2 Release Date


probably plays into the past storyline more than the present one we saw in Season 1. Instead, Daniel RPK reports that Kate Dickieis playing the main role in season 2 and is said to be the villain of this series. The leaks continue hinting that she will be playing an older version of Sylvie, who has actually teamed up with several rogue TVA agents to Loki Season 2 Release Date

help right the wrongs of Season 1. However, her identity will not be revealed until later in the season, keeping the mystery of who she actually is for a late-season reveal. It goes on implying Dickie’s character and the rogue TVA agents are purging the new timelines that were created when He Who Remains died at the end of season 1. A villain arc based on regret isn’t something new but will be interesting when old and young versions of the same characters meet one another…Like if this happened to me, I’d tell myself to buy some Dogecoin. To the moon Babbbaaayyy!

But with older Sylvie in this villain redemption arc, Loki, Mobius, and the TVA are said to be the ones trying to stop her. They do this to prevent any unnecessary deaths and they. want the timelines to be free, which is a switch-up from Season 1. It is also said that. all of the other Loki will return, meningococci Lock, I’m going to call him that, to help out. The only Loki that will not return is to Classic Loki, due to the ending of

Season 1.

However, the one person they truly need to help them fight this older Sylvie is Sylvie from Season 1. Yeah, it’s going to be variant-filled, finger-pointing at everyone. type of season. However, they don’t know where Sylvie is actually hiding out, or rather when. Through a series of events, they discover she is hiding out in the 70s essentially.

living a normal life working at McDonald’s.Her wanting to live a normal life, ties into this. how she never had a normal life because of the TVA and just wants to serve up some tasty burgers. Behind-the-scenes photos confirm this, with a McDonald’s restaurant, and Sylvie wearing Loki Season 2 Release Date

what appears to be a McDonald’s uniform that was common in that time era. I’m going to get really sweaty right now, but this has got to be the late 70’s because if we zoom in to the McDonald’s menu, chicken McNuggets are featured, which were only available in select restaurants in the late 70s. So I don’t want to say it’s closer to the ’80s,

but I’m a fatty Magoo and know my nuggets. So it looks like Sylvie is loving it, but the group wants to pull her out of normal life to help with the older Sylvie. Also, the romantic tension relationship is said to be still happening between Loki and Sylvie, giving. the expression, go fuck yourself, has an entirely different meaning. Ohh Ohh, you know what was also invented in the ’70s…. Jet skis baby! Well, the first stand-up one… I don’t care how but you get Mobius on a jet ski! I’m talking to you Fiege…. Do it, you cowards. DO IT!

As for other pieces of the trailer, it appears multiple Loki, Mobius, and B-15 dress up to attend some sort of movie premiere. Who, why, what, my best guess is some sort of heist, and I think it’s to gain information from a completely obscure Marvel villain, Zaniac. I’m not going to bore you with this dude’s comic origins, but the evil entity. essentially possessed a working actor, Brad Wolfe. And surprisingly enough, there are movie posters for a premiere of a movie called ENIAC, starring Brad Wolfe seen in behind

Loki season 2 episode 1 release date

Loki Season 2 Release Date
Loki Season 2 Release Date


the scenes photos. My theory is that Brad Wolfe is being played by Rafael Casal, who was cast in an unknown. role and seen on-set working with Loki and Mobius. One of Brad Wolfe’s or Zaniac’s characteristics.is his overwhelming bloodlust and desire to kill women. Soooooo the group goes to the movie premiere, kidnaps Zaniac, and uses him as some sort of tracking dog like a bloodhound. Oh, shit, blood lust, bloodhound, he’s a good tracker, oh that’s too on the nose, and essentially tracks down Sylvie in the.

Another theory is that Loki, due to the time jumps, has seen the future and the start or even the ending of Secret Wars. There are a couple of lines of dialogue stating, “There’s nothing that stands between this world and utter destruction,” and “War is on the way.” War… “Secret Wars”, and there is a shot of a futuristic white lab or command center that doesn’t look like it belongs to the TVA, so it could be Kang’s

command center, overlooking the events of Secret Wars. This is why Loki is bent out of shape, he has seen the end of everything. Which could be one of the few times Kang makes. an appearance as the villain. There’s also a rumor of Loki returning back to our 616 universes at the end of the series, which I find hard to believe. But if so, it could be another Gamora situation, with him out there and about. Maybe Loki even dies at the end and ends up in Valhalla, which is why it was teased at the end of Thor Love and Thunder. I’m getting way off the rails, but it could happen… maybe…. Messy, but maybe? Lastly Loki Season 2 adjacent, is some

will there be a Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 news, with Daniel RPK reporting that Mobius and the TVA are to play the main role in this story. “Wow,” Yes, Owen Wilson is said to be reprising his role, and gives us some hints as to what Deadpool and Wolverine will be up to. It has been clear that the version of Wolverinewe will be getting in this movie is a different multiversal version than the one in Logan. So hit “f” to pay respects, because that.“bub” be dead. No retconning here. This means that Mobius may be the one to guide

Dead pool and Wolverine through their “epic buddy road trip” through the entire MCU. The TVA could even be the ones going after the pair to prune them, as they are seen to be a threat to Kang. If we get Deadpool, Wolverine, and Mobius cruising on some Sea doos, Kang. and the TVA has got to “defuse” the whole situation. There could even be a post-credits tease and the end of Season 2. Just a silhouette of

Deadpool 3 cast

Loki Season 2 Release Date
Loki Season 2 Release Date


a guy with a cigar, that’s all I ask for bub. There have even been twitter interactions between the Miss Minutes account and Ryan Reynolds, so it’s only a matter of…. Time. “Wow” As for when we might see Loki Season 2 kinda depends on a few things. With it being said to be released in the Summer of 2023, and when factoring in the MCU theatrical releases, I believe sometime around Memorial Day here in the states might be the best window of

opportunity. Guardians Vol. 3 hits theaters the first week of May, while The Marvels releases. the final weekend of July 2023. Popping Loki into this window feels like the right choice, even starting it the first week of June would be perfect, mirroring the release of Season 1. The only hiccup is the Echo Series is supposed to release in the summer of 2023 as well. Depending if it even happens or not, it’s a toss-up as to which one will come first. So

beginning of June or mid-August. But obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these leaks and speculation for Loki Season 2 Is this going to play a pivotal role in the Kang Dynasty and when do you think Season 2 is dropping? And I’ll let you know


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